Nicola + Padraig

A really special wedding celebration spent in the south east of Ireland. After a long year of uncertainty, it was time to celebrate.

A true glimpse into Irish life with a quick stroll down to feed the cows was included in the morning preparations! Before long, Nicola was putting on her Vagabond wedding dress and taking in those final moments before walking down the aisle.

The floodgates opened just moments after they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife, so we headed straight to their reception venue Mountain View, Kilkenny. When we realised the rain was there to stay, we were so grateful to have the incredible barn at Mountain View for an open yet dry space for some couple portraits.

The rest of the afternoon + evening was spent inside the restaurant area that boasts incredible views of the Kilkenny countryside.

It was very clear to see that both Nicola + Padraig not only love each other, but are so very loved by all the people that were around them this day. And we were honored to be a part of that special day too.